Open Source Furniture


Most famous example of open source furniture. Repository/collection of different designs, with options to get them made as well. Not all designs are free.

Social Furniture

Kitchen- & community-space-focused furniture built from yellow wood sheeting. License unclear.

This was done earlier, but not sure when it was released. Also called “Social Furniture”, and also uses those yellow boards: There are no instructions or design files, unfortunately.

Articles about


“Customizable open source furniture”. Bunch of designs, lots of them available via OpenDesk as well


Open source software to make your own chairs. Resulted in quite a bit of open source furniture designs (not only chairs).

Open Structures

Database of open source parts and complete designs

Thingiverse & YouMagine

Thingiverse and similar sites also host numerous open source furniture projects. Some examples:

3D printing

3D printing entire pieces of furniture is usually not very practical. However, a usage for 3D printing in open source furniture seem to be connectors, allowing to connect e.g. pieces of wood together to a certain design.


Other people doing their own designs


Sites collecting designs, and linking to them


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