Barefoot College

Barefoot college is an instution that educates women from villages all around the globe to build, maintain and operate solar equipment to bring clean electricity to basically any corner of the planet.

The Book

They seem to have a book of sorts with all the important information, which I would love to find online, but simply have not been able to thus far. Also it would be awesome to find their PCBs and stuff available somewhere, but so far no luck.

The book can be seen in the pictures here. Another picutre of their charger is here.

I found some PDFs on Anne Marie Maes’ website, and we were in contact for a few emails, but this is surely not THE complete book (maybe some early early version):


There’s a documentation about Barefoot College, by PBS:

Skoll links some more videos that may be interesting.

There seems to have been a proper movie as well, called Flip the switch (Archived Webpage). Maybe this is the full video on youtube?

Other references