• Victron Energy Multigrid 24V/3000
  • Victron Energy MPPT Bluesolar 100/50 (~5000W input max)
  • Victron Energy BMV-702
  • Victron Energy CCGX
  • 2 x 2,5kWh Lithium Batteries
  • Victron Energy DC Busbar with HD Fuses
  • 24V Fusebox for smaller DC distribution
  • 24V converter which converts 20-30V to continuous 24V usage for the sound system
  • 24V to 12V converter for LED connectors, USB ports, internal FANs
  • +/- DC Busbar for 12V distribution
  • 24V Bluetooth Soundsystem, 50W+50W+100W Sub
  • Speakcon connectors for easy plug+sound
  • 230V fuse box, for inputs, outputs + PCs
  • Two outlets are controlled by the inverter and the SOC, they are only active between 100%-60% (configureable)
  • dedicated 24V outlet, directly from the battery for our camping fridge connection. AKA things todo during lockdown

Euro-Box 800x600

Euro-Box 800x600, drilling holes for the inverter bolts

use a chisel to remove some plastic to have space for the screws and washer

inverter screws

inverter screws from top

a perfect fit, inverter + 2x Lithium battery packs

230V and Solar MC4 inputs

Wiring that shit up, i used all my cables from my Box 2.0, they fit very well, almost no new cables were used. Left-to-Right: BMV (Battery Monitor), MPPT Solar Charger, +DC Busbar, 24V Fusebox, 24V Sound System (50W+50W, 100W Sub), -DC Busbar, 24V/24V Converter to give a stable 24V output for the Soundsystem, Emergency DC Disconnect



Side with added 3 x 230V outlets

Inside with 3 x 230V outlets

Fusebox is now outside insead of inside.

Fusebox opend. 2 x 230V with RC controlled by Inverter based on SOC 100%-60%, 1 x 23V with RC always on till 0% SOC

complete new wiring of the fusebox

attached to the inverter/charger

new front, Left to right: BMV (Battery Monitor), 12V DC Switches to control camp lights with shitload of USB ports, 12V Outlet

downside on the picture, BMV Display, 24V/12V DC converter, 24V DC emergency shutdown. On Top coloured display with state of the system

Adding these insane Anderson DC plugs was a great idea, quick disconnect the battery to get them out of the box, so I can lift the box by myself into the car. Also I have switched the positive+ connection for the BMV to a neodym magnet, so I don’t need a wrench at all to get the batteries out.

not used at a burn, the smaller (art) solar array is used with the box on my balcony

Euro-box format is awesome, because we have switched all our stuff to this format. Easy packing and stacking in our trailer. Only the Power Distribution Box, I hadn’t changed yet, and it was pain in the a.. because the shape wasn’t compatible.

if you can park your car at your tent, no need to get it out of the car.