ESP8266 - WiFi µC

ESP8266: Cheap WiFi chip, meant to be connected to other microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino) via UART.


  • 32-bit CPU, 80MHz
  • 64KBytes of instruction RAM
  • 96KBytes of data RAM
  • 64KBytes boot ROM
  • Flash: 4Mbit (512KByte)
  • VCC: 3,3V
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • Controlled via AT commands (default firmware)
  • Microcontroller can be used directly
  • So far IPv4 only



Project Ideas

Issues & open questions

  • Power management
    • Battery Power?
    • Power supplies
    • Sleep modes are available
  • IPv6?

Further resources


  • 2015-05-15: More information on NodeMCU and ArtNet node. WiFi finder “idea”.
  • 2015-05-17: Link to Adafruit’s break out board circuit diagrams