Browser Selection

I use different browsers on my MacBook, roughly dividing between “work” stuff (-> Chrome) and “personal” stuff (-> Firefox). I want to be able to click links anywhere and have them open in the right browser automatically. Luckily, there are tools for that

  • Finicky - Open Source
    • The tool I used on my old MacBook. Works fine, but the configuration is filebased, with no GUI option
    • There is now an online generator for initial configurations: Finicky Kickstart
    • No popup selector
  • Browserosaurus - Open Source
    • Popup selector only, seems to have no rule engine
  • BrowserFairy - Proprietary
    • Testing now on the new MacBook
    • Graphical user interface for rule creation, seems alright.
    • Popup selector either when no rule matches, or specifically for certain rules.
  • Choosy
    • Not free